Monday, May 09, 2005


So, Peanut slept through Saturday night like a dream (since she didn't nap at all during the day!!!), but the Duckling woke up at 11:15 PM screaming with a fever so she and Papa Duck headed off to the guest room for the night. Peanut and I didn't complain about having the whole bed to ourselves.

Sunday (Mothers' Day) was actually sunny and warm (76) here. Too bad I had to wear jeans since I still haven't ventured out for some interim clothing. It was a bit toasty. I had the Duckling dressed in long sleeves, overalls along with heavy socks and shoes (Hey, I let her get away without wearing a coat!!!)...alright, the rest of the kids at the park were in shorts, t-shirts and sandals. I guess I need to realize that warm here isn't the equivalent of warm in Texas...I don't want to have the dork kid at the park that no one wants to talk to because she's all bundled up by her neurotic mother.

The Duckling wanted me to pick out a cactus for Mothers' Day at the Farmers' Market downtown, but that was just one more thing for me to keep alive. I'm doing well to keep my aloe plants and two kids alive, so I told her to save her money. She's very thoughtful though!

Finally, if you were to look at the Duckling today you might think she's been abused or possibly in a playground fight (maybe because someone said her mother dressed her like a dork?) recently. The right side of her face is a disaster. She fell down the embankment in our yard last night and bumped her cheek on the rocks which resulted in a nice purple bruise. Then this morning she fell over the side of our oversized chair scraping the side of her face on our functional, but apparently rough, magazine storage basket.

Good thing we have a family gathering this weekend where we will likely take a lot of photos. It's always nice to memorialize these things. In my defense, I had JUST told her not to climb on the arm of the chair before she plummeted over the side head-first into the basket. Apparently Pottery Barn creates their baskets for looks and design purposes, not comfort when face-planting into them from three feet up.