Thursday, May 05, 2005

Thursday Ramblings

Made it out of the house with both girls three days in a row this week. Woohoo! The mall, our next door neighbor's to play and Wal-Mart. All outings went off without incident...unless you consider the temper-tantrum the Duckling threw when we had to leave the sandbox next-door. Luckily for her, she was able to take about half of their sand home in her socks, shoes, hair and diaper. It was like having a portable sand-box.

It's actually sunny and warm here. I will need to make a purchase of a "interm" capri outfit to tide me over until I can fit my behind back into my regular clothes. Still another 12 pounds to go...blahhhhhhh. I swear it's all in my bum too. Mama got "back"!!!!

Had our first official "blow-out" at the mall...poor Peanut. I didn't even hear her grunting so she sat in it until we got home. Nothing better than a good Breastmilk Blowout...Miss Janna can attest to the disaster these produce as she recalls a lunch date we had last February which resulted in an emergency diaper change in the back of my 4Runner and that the Duckling had to be stripped naked, cleaned and then put back in her same crappy clothes because I didn't have a new sleeper to change her into. Fun times my friends.