Monday, June 06, 2005

The Poonami Finally Hits

Peanut had a bit of blockage as her last poopie was on Tuesday. Yesterday we had a family party to attend and still no poop. You read that right, FIVE DAYS with no poop!! Mama Duck had just the remedy! Put her in a white dress! It's sure to cause the Poonami to occur.

For those of you unfamiliar with a Poonami it's not unlike a tsunami, just instead of with's with poop. Here's how the disaster hit...if only I had a photo of Papa holding her feet and me holding her legs as we whisked her onto the grass to share with you, priceless. I'm sure we looked like we were handling an undetonated bomb.

After we got Peanut to the grassy knoll, so to speak, the Duckling rushed to our aid. "Peanut! How's it going? What can I do to assist?" Posted by Hello

Peanut responds frantically, "For crying out loud! I'm trying to get some work done here! She's gonna blow!" Posted by Hello

As the dreaded Poonami hits, Mama Duck is able to salvage the white dress, but the decorated burp cloth has suffered some damage. Hopefully there will be a full recovery with a washing. Posted by Hello