Friday, June 10, 2005

Stuff Portrait Friday

Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another installment of Stuff Portrait Friday! As usual, the list of desired items was posted by Kristine, so check her out and tell her I sent ya!

This week I like to refer to the list as Quasi Three Bear Syndrome...stuff you have too much of, stuff you want more of and stuff that you have just the right amount of. Let's get started, shall we?

Alright here we have a collection of items. You thought I might choose something deep and thoughtful like a clock for more time? Nah. Not today. Today I would like more stuff from Pottery Barn (which would require money, but we were supposed to think outside the box...). I love their furniture and accessories and if I were a rich girl (da da da da da...insert "Fiddler" music here) I would outift my ENTIRE home with their stuff. Also in this photo you will see some Lindor Truffles...I want more. Always. If you haven't had them, you MUST try them. Smoothest chocolates won't want to share. I don't.Posted by Hello

Here's something I want less of. For the record, I am holding The Duckling in this picture because you didn't think I would post my actualy weight on the internet for the whole world to see did you? Yeah, it's OK that Peanut was introduced on the internet wet and naked, but God forbid Mama shows her weight. And yes, I realize that The Lindor Truffles that I want more of do not help the fact that I want less poundage. Posted by Hello

And now for my just right amount...Kids. Yup, you heard me. I REALLY wanted three kids (just ask my family) but after this labor...I'm done! Not a real fan of pain and pushing. Cheers to those of you who only pushed "for 15 minutes". Good for you. Really. I mean it.

But lookie at how sweet they are!

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