Sunday, June 12, 2005

In the words of Frank Barone, "Holy crap!"

I honestly believe that "Everybody Loves Raymond" could be used in marriage counseling sessions. Inevitably in each episode Raymond will pull some stupid "Raymond" move by either saying or doing something to piss off his devoted wife Debra. When this moment in the show occurs Papa Duck always pipes up, "Oh, he's in trouble...." It's like a training video of what not to do. Anyway, I love Ray's dad's frequent exclamation, "HOLY CRAP!!" and it's frequently something I think on an everyday basis.

Today that little phrase popped up as heard the lady tell me my total at the Traget check-out.

"HOLY CRAP!! I can't have spent $174!! There's just not that much in my basket!"

(BTW, is it a southern thing or a Texas thing to say "basket" for shopping cart? It used to drive me nuts when people would say that, but once again...I succumbed (past tense?) to peer pressure)

After my coupons it was down to about $165. Still...HOLY CRAP!! Then I looked. Well, this certainly explained everything. There on the receipt, they had over-charged me for a pair of shorts by $4.

I headed to Guest Services, got my $4 (plus tax) in cash-back and felt completely satisfied. My basket of stuff was well worth $160, but $165? Ludicrous!!!

(LuckyLum, does this scenario sound painfully familiar to you, sweetie!?!)