Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Because nothing says "Lets have a Poonami!" like a white dress

Thankfully despite wearing a white dress (thanks Nap Queen!) we managed to keep a recent Poonami incident fairly uneventful. We also managed to not spray poo-poos across the room. I sent those pictures to Wally World this week to be printed (yes, I'm adding them to her scrapbook)...I'm sure someone somewhere is asking, "Why?"

Because it's funny and if I didn't I'd have to drink. A lot.

I'm going to attribute the minimal amount of actual poo incidents with Peanut to the bottle of formula she gets each night before bed. Kinda binds her up I think. That Boobie Juice just ain't got no substance to it (and it stains bright yellow too!!!).

mama, who enjoys a few extra hours of sleep each night after doping her baby up on formula (which in addition to binding her up also makes her sleep longer)