Friday, August 12, 2005

$50 for the lot

Sugar Daddy's batting a thousand today...

1. I'm in the bathroom this morning and The Duckling wanders up to me sipping her milk. Now, we ran out of milk yesterday. Oh yes, this was YESTERDAY'S WARM CUP OF SIPPY MILK that Papa Duck was supposed to have cleaned up after bath time last night. It smelled totally ripe.

2. I'm looking out the front window with The Duckling at the neighborhood "googies" (dogs) and what does my little eye spy on the ground!??! Dip, my friends. As in tobacco. As in the dip that he only uses during hunting season. In all fairness I knew he had this tin ("But hon, it's a new flavor, I had to try it"), but leaving a trail where The Duckling could pick it up and eat it?

3. He claimed there was a third issue that I might not find before he got home to rectify it. If I had to guess...given the toilet's performance upon flushing, I'm gonna guess he clogged it last night and forgot to plunge. I'm just guessing though.

In other news, The Duckling and Peanut went downtown to meet Papa Duck for lunch and both behaved beautifully. Peanut did have a little poo-poo episode, but not a full scale poonami which might have just gotten us kicked permanantly out of the only restaurant within walking distance from Papa Duck's work that plays Willie Nelson all the time.

Happy Friday all!