Thursday, August 04, 2005

In the Continuing Adventures of Cashew Bear...

“Oh shit! Oh no!”


“Is everything alright up there? Are you OK?” I called to Papa Duck who was bathing The Duckling, my index finger on the “9” of the phone pad just ready to call emergency services. Did she slip? Is she underwater? For how many seconds?

“Umm, yeah we’re fine, but he’s not,” Papa answered as a blur went through my field of vision followed by a thud that resounded on the first floor.

Tossed from the baclony above, a very wet, very limp but very clean Cashew landed in the playroom.

Apparently in the seven seconds that it took for Papa Duck to turn around and put the diaper into the Diaper Champ, The Duckling had grabbed Cashew off of where he had been perched on the toilet, positioned him in her lap and began dumping water on his head to “wash his hair.”

Needless to say he was in need of a little more than a towel-drying.

Happy Friday all, enjoy the weekend!


Mama Duck