Wednesday, August 03, 2005

It's Time Again...Just Look at Them!!!!

Yup, every now and then I return to the Texas Ducks roots and have to just showcase how beautiful the children who sprung (more like were shoved out screaming and kicking!) from my loins are.

I'm a complete techno-doofus and can't get my pictures to line up nicely with the Blogger pics and I was too lazy to use Hello, so the captions and photos are a bit skewed...sorry. Think of it as a brainteaser....which text corresponds to which illustration? Update: On second thought, think of it as completely scrambled photos, I notice that NOTHING is lining up like it does in the "draft" phase.

Check out The Duckling who felt the need to lay out dolls on Peanut's playmat.

Look at those eyes! I swear, every time I look at her Big Blues I think, "Whose baby is this and are they going to want to steal her back?" I hope not!

(above) Here you'll see The Duckling. Her newest and most annoying thing is that she'll do something TOTALLY cute and then the second she sees the camera she turns into a whining mess. We have a BOATLOAD of pictures with this same sneer and arm reach. Can't wait to see her wedding pictures.

(right) This is Peanut while she's "sleeping." You'll notice she is indeed in her bassinet (woohoo...only one night so far!) but once she got wind that I was going to nap in her "old bed" she was all about wanting to know what I was doing. I swear, she's the happiest (and gassiest) baby in the world, just keep that Fart Medicine (a/k/a Mylicon) nearby!