Wednesday, July 20, 2005

White Trash Day at the Country Club

Presumably because they got tired of us lowly commoners sticking our noses through the fence and asking, "Can we play? Huh? Can we?" the country club in our neighborhood allows us thugs to come play in their pool on Sunday mornings and Tuesday afternoons. Immediately after we leave they drain, disinfect, repaint and then refill the pool with clear, blueblood-type water.

Anyway we took a walk to the pool last night to give The Duckling a bit of a look at how the other half live. As we were walking up the hill in the parking lot (me wearing my infamous "Where the Wild Things Are" Make Mischief shirt we passed a club member who was no doubetdly slapping her sweating brow and declaring, "Oh my God! This place has gone to the heathens!!"

In a move I will very likely end up regretting I'm posting some shots of us in the pool. Yup, that's fair warning that there's bikini shots here. The bathing suit I bought for my backyard made it's public appearance last night and damn was it scary.

Enjoy and please don't laugh so much as you're making me feel bad.

Wait, no, you're not, but still, it's not nice.