Thursday, July 14, 2005

Stuff Portrait Friday: Flashback Friday...1980s

Oh lovely. We all survive the '80s and then Kristine and VH1 think we need to relive it. Fine.

For those of you who are just joining us or who have just crawled out from under some rather large rock, here's the story. Kristine thinks up a scavanger hunt of sorts and as faithful cult members we run around chanting while trying to complete our task (taking the requested photos and posting them). This week was an '80s theme.

Photo 1: A picture of you (me) in the '80s: Be jealous, be very jealous. You could only wish to have such a big 'fro on your head. Perms and me...not a good mix. This is my mother's cat, Thumper, who HATED me. With good reason as I make him get his picture taken whilst nearly choking the poor dear. Additionally I'm all stylish in my Outback Red skirt and Forenza shirt and all he gets to wear is the same coat he wears everyday.

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Photo 2: Something from the '80s that you can't get rid of: It's not so much that I CAN'T get rid of it, I just haven't. And now that The Duckling has taken over ownership he is sure to hang around our house for many years to come. Remember how our parents stood in line for DAYS to get these things for us? The least I can do is hold onto it until his little plastic face disintigrates.

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Photo 3: A CD or movie from the '80s: A few words...I think Tom Cruise is an a$$hole as of late, but I still like the volleyball scene. "You'll shoot your eye out kid!" and who didn't want to be just like Molly Ringwald and apply their lipstick with their cleavage?

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There. Let us never speak of this decade again unless it's in therapy.