Monday, July 04, 2005

Monday on Film: 4th of July Maple Bluff Style

This morning was the annual Maple Bluff 4th of July Parade, a sight not to be behold indeed. My neighbor, P, likened the unbelievable gathering of folks to a gay-pride parade, but with families. Lots of color, lots of streamers and hats and of course...THE WIENERMOBILE!!!

The Duckling and I cheese for the camera before the parade starts. Only in Wisconsin, my friends. Papa Duck was informed that this is the 2004 model, the newest one in the Oscar Mayer fleet. It comes complete with a sun roof and red and yellow leather interior.Posted by Picasa

Think this is a rinky-dink operation? Think again...throngs of people flock to walk the parade!

Those who are too lazy or too hungover simply tailgate (using a Nissan pick-up trucks this side of the Mason-Dixon!) and watch the spectacle...drinking mimosas and munching on muffins of course!

The Duckling was a bit afraid of the fire trucks' sirens, but a nice fireman (DOWN LUCKY, DOWN!!) came over especially to give her some candy which eased her pain.

God, this is the pinnacle of the "I Saw It!" sitcker from the Wienermobile folks. Unlike a Bigfoot sighting, you actually get a sticker to memorialize the sighting of such a behemoth tube steak. For the record, I like saying wiener...wiener, wiener, wiener...

As usual, Peanut is right in the middle of the action...totally passed out.

Happy 4th all! Enjoy the day! Posted by Picasa