Thursday, June 30, 2005

Because I am fresh out of witty thoughts and big words

Today I will just resort to stealing someone else's idea and posting pictures of my adorable offspring. It's too hot too think and The Duckling is hollering, singing, screaching and talking (pretty much anything and everything BUT sleeping) from her crib which throws off any ability that I once had to concentrate.

Completely nicked from Meritt:

I'm: thankful for the adult interaction and yummy salad that I had this morning at Jennifer’s (whom as I can see is damn efficient at posting!!!).
I want to: drink a nice, cold beer.
I should be: drying the laundry and hanging it up.
I'm wearing: Pink Panther undies and my bra (gimme a break, I just woke up from a 5 minute nap with Peanut).
I'm sitting: on my old, busted to crap English chair that hurts my back.
I'm thinking: that I could really use some ice water.
I'm feeling: like liposuction might be a viable option to get rid of my post-pregnancy thighs.
I'm wishing: the magical Fat and Cellulite Removal Fairy will visit me tonight in my sleep.
I'm longing: to be back home in Austin.
I'm wondering: why my girls are torturing me by refusing nap-time.

Here we are resorting to taking self-portraits. Hey, it's cheaper than Sears and you don't run the risk of Poonami's happening in public. Posted by Hello

OK, now we're going to the beach to cool off.

Later gators!