Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Poonami of a smaller more manageable magnitude hits!


It was easy to sense that the Poonami was on the horizon as Monday night Peanut had some rather odiferous farts. Amazing how stinky one little adorable baby can be.

We were home pretty much all day on Tuesday enjoying the lack of air conditioning for the second straight week (I keep threatening bodily harm to our landlord, and with my luck he's gonna wind up dead somewhere...where will they look? that's right, at me...on the bright side, I'd get to spend some time in the air conditioned precinct until they sorted it all out...) , so you'd think the law of averages would apply and it would reach ground at home, right?

Of course not!

We went over to our neighbor's house for a few moments in a cool house and to watch her fold laundry because, let's admit it, it's always great fun to watch other people work.

Then it happened. I heard the grunting and knew the Poonami wasn't far off. This seasoned Poonami chaser was ready! I left Peanut in her car seat and we headed back home (we live 10 ft. from our dwelling and all). Instead of STUPIDLY trying to change her immediately, I lifted up her Onesie and let her lay on a TOWEL on the fabulous Pottery Barn chamois changing pad (seriously, the first time I felt how soft these things were I wanted roll around naked on them!!). No way was she going to get poo-poo all over the luxurious white pad.

I'm an expert at this now, remember?

The Poonami passed and I took the diaper off.

Peanut smiled at me.

I IMMEDIATELY put the towel over her little parts to avoid spraying the living room with highly pressurized baby crap.

I had won!!!! She didn't poo again, it was just a smile of gratitude and relief to her Mommy.

No Poonami photos for you guys this time.

All's well on the Northern Front.

Over and out.