Monday, June 13, 2005

Torture Devices and Bovine Intervention

I could mass produce these and market them as torture devices. Just as soon as you get them to sleep and FINALLY get started on something you need to do (clean, do laundry, screw around on the internet, work on their scrapbooks, you fill in the blank) they wake up screaming demanding to be held. For no reason other than they just want to be held. Not hungry. Not wet. Just needy.

"Ohhhhh, but they're so cute!" No one would ever suspect how torturous they could be...bwaaahahahaha! (evil laughter continues) Posted by Hello

So, here we are downtown where you might expect to see some cows, right? It was Cows on the Concourse this weekend at the weekly farmer's market on the Capitol square. These are some mighty savvy and very metropolitan bovine, my friends! Posted by Hello

Papa Duck and The Duckling checkin' out Beef...he's what's for dinner... Posted by Hello