Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Not unlike a baby rabbit being swooped upon by a hawk

Yesterday marked Day #2 at the sitter's house for The Duckling. I was lucky enough to have her enrolled in a MDO (Mothers' Day Out) back home. If you don't have these programs in your state I strongly suggest you move. They're fabulous.

We aren't so lucky as to have these programs here.

As you may recall there was a considerable amount of boo-hooing on the parts of The Duckling and her mother when she first started. As Murphy's Law would have it, by the time we moved she LOVED going to school and playing with the other kids.

Let me just say, we're going through an adjustment period. When we pulled up to the house yesterday there saw a screech from the back seat. This was before I even got out of the car to get her from her carseat. Tears a'streamin' down the face. When I tried to leave she climbed on me like a koala on a gum tree. Not a pretty sight.

Four hours later when I went to pick her up she was crying (I could hear her as soon as I entered the's a split-level, so that was a good bit of lung power being used), sucking wildly on Pootie and holding Cashew in a choke-hold that looked like an illegal move even for the WWF. The good news in that there was apparently an intermission from the tears at drop-off and the tears at pick-up.

This my friends, is progress.

As to the title of the post...if you've ever heard it, you can pretty much understand the exact noises being made by my Duckling