Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It's moments like this when I can barely control myself and humbly thank our ancestors for breaking free from England

So we have this quaint little 4th of July parade in our neighborhood where the kids are to dress in their patriotric best and decorate their bikes, strollers, etc. in red, white and blue. It's a nice way to bring the community together and remember that if it weren't for our forefathers we could still be saying things like "bonnet" for the hood of the car and eating stuff like Bangers & Mash and Steak and Kidney Pudding.

This gave me an excellent excuse to visit my favorite vice. Target. I needed streamers or flags or hats of something, didn't I?

As Peanut and I perused the aisles of Target I began to get a warm tingly sensation. Where had all the summer stuff gone? Then I saw it in front of me. Taunting me in an inviting gesture.

"Mama Duck, come and see what we have to offer! We're ALL on clearance! 30% off! You NEED us!" they beckoned.

Damn retail merchandise and their evil magical powers, I thought as I felt my body being tugged by a strong force not unlike gravity toward the pretty red "30% Reduced" signs.

Cute kids' chairs! Didn't I need these for the girls? Adorable throw pillows in a refreshing madras seersucker material! Wouldn't those be fabulous on our couches during the summer months? Dishes, cups and serving platters! O My!

I felt a lot like Rebecca Bloomwood from Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic books. Certain that I needed each and every item that my fingers caressed.

I managed to show some restraint. I am hosting a family gathering next month and being a recovering basketaholic I had a breakdown, a relapse if you will. I found these adorable baskets (reinforced with metal frames!) with a totally cute striped liner and a covered baking dish (perfect for brownies and Pumpkin Crunch!). Each was about $7.

Now Meritt, before you go and say that's not deep enough of a discount, let me tell you about my luck. If I were to wait for these to go on further clearance, something would come up and I wouldn't be able to make it back to Mecca that week and alas, they wouldn't be mine. I wouldn't be able to hear my guests proclaim, "Mama, how cute and accessorized your buns and chips are in these gorgeous baskets!" I would mourn deeply. Now that I've read your post for today I wonder if I shouldn't go back for a matching platter to serve the ham on?!?! Wouldn't that have made it all the more appealing? Posted by Hello

BTW, didn't get any flags, streamers or decorations for the parade. Will have to check in my crafting stuff to see what I can put together.

And if we were still under English rule do you think we'd have anything as cool as Target? No. We'd have to shop at Harrod's and they JUST cannot complete with the rotation of stock and cute baskets that the fine folks at Target/Fields can. Period.