Monday, June 27, 2005

Monday on Film: Walk a mile in our shoes...

Thought I was gone forever, didn't ya? Nope, just MIA for a bit, but I'm back now!

Once again it is time for Monday on Film...the day where I recover from the weekend and show the world what we've been up to using my little digi camera. Today I'm taking you along on our morning walk. Actually, I notice that instead of being a "daily morning walk" it's actually like a "Monday morning walk" as every week when Tuesday and the rest of the days roll around, I'm too doggone lazy/tired/hot to leave the house.

That aside, let's get started.

This is my favorite house in our neighborhood. It's on the water and brand new (most of our neighborhood was built in the 1920s-1930s). The little house type thing you see in the foreground is actually their drive through garage...I'm not sure of it's actual purpose, but it's cute and probably cost a pretty penny. The house itself is fabulous and looks like a great place to host parties. Posted by Hello

We usually walk for 20-25 minutes and then arrive at the beach for some play time. Since it's early when we get here we almost always have the place all to ourselves which is very nice. Just enjoying the serenity of the water lapping at the shore and The Duckling screaming like a banshee whilst digging in the sand. Posted by Hello

The lifeguards show up at 11 AM to sweep away the seaweed...long after we've gone and The Duckling is in her crib quietly napping. Or as luck would have it today, she was playing in her crib getting her leg stuck between the slats requiring vaseline and a cold cloth to assist in the removal of her knee from the wooden prison. A process not done without a lot of boo-hooing on the parts of both Duckling and Mama.Posted by Hello

It's kind of a ghostly shot because our air quality is really sucky today, but you can see the skyline of the city across the lake. This morning the smell of dead fish, seaweed and some sort of rotting carcas was in the air. Maybe the humidity made the odors linger in the air longer? Dunno, but it was kind of rank this morning.Posted by Hello

The Duckling and Mama Duck share a tender moment on the beach...seconds later she broke from the hand holding to play in a stagnant puddle of water on a concrete slab from the sprinklers. All the sand on the beach, all the water in the lake and that's what she finds appealing.Posted by Hello

Finally we arrive back where we started. The big, white barn. In addition to having what could arguably be the world's worst ventilation system, scariest death trap of a balcony and toilets that frequently strike, the exterior is quite lacking in...ummmm, let's just say it's aesthetically challenged. We finally have functioning air conditioning, and that my friend, is a very, very good thing. Posted by Hello

Happy Monday all!