Friday, July 01, 2005

Stuff Portrait Friday: Home Sweet Home, a place to put your feet up and stash the stuff you stole from your ex

Welcome to another installation of Stuff Portrait Friday, a witty little ditty brought to us by Kristine. This is the game where she tells us what to collect via photo and you get to know everyone just a little bit better. In some cases, you get to know everyone just a little bit better than you wanted to, but this week, not the case.

Feel free to check to visit Kristine and if you chose to play let her know! The more the merrier!

Photo #1: Your Keys: Well, here they are in all their glory. Keys to my house, my parents house, my in-laws house and one random little key that I suspect might just open a shed at our first house in Austin. Additionally there are savers cards to Petsmart (for my dead bunny, Lucky), Albertson's and Randall's (groceries back in TX b/c you just never know when you'll need them) and ONE savers card for Copp's. That's the grocery store here, so it would be the only usable card except I don't do the shopping anymore.

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Photo #2: Your view from the front door: Welcome home! Kind of lacks paint and some artwork, but when you're renting you're limited to what you can decorate...(sigh)

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Photo #3: Something you kept from a previous relationship: Hee hee...I like diamonds. Now don't go feeling all bad for the ex...he got a fabulously redecorated home (read: all new paint, window treatments and wood and tile flooring) with a stained hot tub. I should make up a shirt that says, "I went through the Big D and all I got was this lousy diamond ring."

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Update: I feel obligated to add the fact that my ex and I left on good terms. He's actually a really great guy, but just like you best friend's hubby is great for her but not for you we just weren't the best match. I'd set him up with a friend if I thought they were a good pair. I am a bit sad that he still has our bunny, George, who is still alive and that the bunny I took (yes, we each got one) is now in Bunny Heaven. As to the house, yeah, it's appreciated in value by like $30K which sucks for me, but that's a story for another day.