Monday, August 01, 2005

Proud Parenting Moment #17

The first 16 Proud Parenting Moments of my daughters’ lives have been filled with milestones such as first smile, rolling over, and walking. There have also been some other intentional (The Duckling’s ability to con the guys at her uncle’s engagement party to walk her around and around the yard in her stroller) and unintentional (Peanut’s 108 inch poonami being shot across my bedroom).

Proud Parenting Moment #17 though is named with dripping sarcasm and explained with an equal amount of shame.

As we waited for the Notary to sign our documents pertaining to the sale of our home I took The Duckling to look at the mortgage promotional items on top of the tellers’ desks.

“What’s this?”

“Doggie. Woof woof.” The Duckling said smiling at the stuffed dalmation with a t-shirt
bearing the bank’s logo.

Knowing she wouldn’t be able to identify the Coca-Cola bottle (what kind of lame promo item is that? Do you get that if your mortgage is on a single-wide? Not that a stuffed dog is much better…), I asked her “What color is this?” while pointing to the famous red label.


In front of the tellers.

All this hard work to avoid sugary sweets yet she can name alcoholic beverages?

You didn’t really think that hard cider in the diaper bag was for me, did you?

That’s my girl. Little Boozer.