Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'm not dead just very, very sleep deprived

The good news is that The Duckling apparently didn't have a virus, just ate a little something that didn't agree with her. I"m quite thankful for that as I have enough poop to deal with on a normal day without some nasty tummy-bug sending oodles of it my way just for "shits and giggles" (pardon the pun and rather colorful language).

Just a bit of a warning, I'm cranky/ornery/a crabass whatever you want to call it this week. My weight, my wardrobe, the color of our grass, whatever...I'm bitching about it.

We (I) decided that we probably need to put an end to the swaddling with Peanut now so it doesn't become a crutch for falling asleep. This is not going well. When she's not swaddled she's kicking, swatting her hands, twisting, writhing, name it...pretty much ANYTHING but lying still sleeping. All of this motion of course wakes her (and us) up. Then she wants her Pootie. She gets it in her mouth and starts swatting at it, thus flicking it out of her mouth. I stick it back in. Begin vicious cycle again.

Did I mention that we co-sleep? Yup. It was never really on my "Life Plan" to co-sleep, but it became apparent that this was they key to a good night's sleep when she was born. We've been "temporarily" co-sleeping for three of her three and a half months of life. It's fun. Anyway, most of the night I can hear Papa Duck say, "Grab a hand!" meaning...we each take one of Peanut's hands and hold them down so she can't flail around. Kind of like a personal baby straight jacket.

Positive things: It has been beautiful here this week (upper 70s, lower 80s); it rained...a lot; everyone is healthy

As for the photo...that would be an alcoholic beverage in our diaper well-stocked diaper bag is complete without one!!! :)