Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fussy McFussbuckets Smiles Again

The Duckling, a/k/a Fussy Mcfussbuckets has this totally annoying habit of making the whiniest face whenever she sees the camera lately.

A perfect example of this can be seen in this self-portrait family photo we took a few weeks ago. Ain't she cute?

Yesterday I just started tossing soft foam blocks at her for pretty much no reason other than I need to let out a little aggression. She thought it was HILARIOUS. Being the genius that I am I though grabbed the camera and continued throwing and started snapping.

Just remind me that for her first day of school pictures, prom photos, weddings shots, and any other monumental occasion in her life I need to have those blocks on hand to chunk at her head to illicit her beautiful smile.

OMG! An actual real live genuine smile! The other thing she does now (when not whining and pushing you away with the camera) when you ask her to smile is gives you this cheesy smile with her eyes squeezed shut. Very attractive. Posted by Picasa

Check out the mid-air shots of these blocks (this one is just behind her....it's black and white)! Posted by Picasa

Oh! The anticipation of the block hitting me! Bwwwwahahahahah! Teee heee! Posted by Picasa

Seriously, toddlers are their own little creatures (beasts?). Everyone makes a fuss over teenagers, but I think toddlers are just as much of a mystery.

mama duck