Friday, September 23, 2005

"I'm just abused, day in and day out, but I lack the ability to run away..."

If there's one person in this house that deserves a double Gin and Tonic (heavy on the gin) more than me, it's poor Cashew.

Dressed in girl's clothes (how humiliating...everyone knows Cashew is a boy bear).
Made to sit in any number of baby contraptions.
Put in the bathtub and has water dumped on his head.
Stomped on by The Duckling's precious feet.
Shoved in the garbage can for a friendly game of "Hide & Seek".
Being sucked on and having his nose gnawed on.

"Screw the rocks," he says blearily, "make mine straight up."

mama, who gives three cheers to Cashew for enduring The Duckling's daily abuse and "love"