Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Errrr, we can stop whispering

My little Peanut who is getting to be not-so-little anymore...
The Duckling enjoys finger painting with chocolate pudding. Nothing better than edible paint, clean-up is minimal.

That was a fluke.
The sleeping through the night? Yeah, a fluke.

I do think though that she will now start waking up only once a night for a bottle and I am willing to accept that.

If it's at 1 AM, it's at 1 AM, if it's later, it's later.

She sleeps from 7 PM until at least 7 AM and I can understand not being able to go a full twelve hours without food.

I guess, but it won't stop me from being crabby in the middle of the night.
From The Duckling's mouth, "Relassss!" she kept saying to Peanut, who was yelling about not being fed fast enough.

I thought about this for awhile. What word does she keep saying?

Ah-ha, "relax"...I say that all the time when the kids are losing their little minds. Apparently she's picked up when to say that appropriately as Peanut's mind is sliding out of her ears from not getting her Turkey, Barley and Carrots at a super-human rate of speed.

Another word that I hear her utter frequently is "doggone" which is what I've used to replace the f-bomb among the other non-toddler friendly words that I used to use. I suppose it's better than her yelling out, "Son of a bitch!" when she drops her doll or spills her Goldfish.