Monday, November 14, 2005

Taking Back Our Room

Peanut has been in her own room for two nights (and six naps) now and things are going great. She fussed for the first nap a little bit, but after that she seems to have adjusted quite well. (doing the happy dance!!!)

Mama and Papa Duck are adjusting just fine as well. We are enjoying turning the light on after 7 PM in our room, not running in to the footboard and bruising our thighs (due to the dark room) and talking in normal indoor voices whenever we feel like it. Additionally I have cleaned (yes, broke out the Pledge and everything...bow down to me, The Domestic Goddess) and reclaimed the once changing-table which has now reverted back to our dresser complete with photos and a glass vase full of calla lilies. It's so nice to not have wipies and diaper baskets as decor as I'm sure Martha would concur.


And Kerry...we are going to great lengths to ensure that there will be NO MORE ACCIDENTS in this house. (you could kind of say that Peanut was more of a "happy accident" or "a blessing" as she wasn't exactly what I'd refer to as "planned") As much as I love and adore my children and sharing a room with them, I'm quite done. I always though three was my magic number but as I sat in the hospital with my hooha in great agony after delivering Peanut I realized that two was indeed a great number at which to stop. ;)