Thursday, October 13, 2005

Just a reminder why it would be wong to give The Duckling away

Papa Duck was out of town last night leaving me to fend off the wild beasties by myself. Explain to me how the same child who can pee in the potty at 4 PM can piss on her carpeted bedroom floor at 6:45 PM? What happened to that bladder control she had going on two hours previously?

I am posting these photographs as a reminder to myself that it would be terribly wrong to leave The Duckling at the corner of a busy intersection in a box labeled, "Free toddler to good home."

Peanut who is still always happy to see me and doesn't do anything to intentionally piss her mother off (although she has had two MAJOR POONAMIS in the last 24 hours requiring full wardrobe change and hose-down, but's not intentional...).

The Duckling shortly after finishing reading the critically acclaimed, "973 Ways to Irritate Your Mother and Bring her to the Brink of Insanity."

Peanut, please don't turn on me. You're the only female ally I have in this house. You big Sweet Peanut, you...

Sure, she looks like a cutie with a heart of gold, but I'm here to tell you different my friends. The kids refused to eat dinner last night...spaghetti and meatballs? "NO!" PB&J? "NO!"

Dude, whatever, go to bed hungry.


mama, who thinks that maybe there's something to this no dinner thing...