Thursday, November 17, 2005

Happy Birthday Duckling

Dear Duckling,

Two years ago today you were welcomed to the world by a team of doctors, nurses, students, specialists and anyone else they could jam into our tiny birthing room. You had no intentions of leaving your nice, cozy home and we eventually had to use one of the miracles of modern medicine to suck you out into the real world. Amen for the suction vac after three long, torturous, painful hours of pushing.

This last year we have certainly had our fair share of changes with our move to Wisconsin, having to send Lucky to bunny heaven (where I'm sure she's thankful to be safe and out of your, errrr I mean harm's, way) and welcoming your new sister to our home.
I can see how thankful you are that I ruined my perfectly good size 2 body to carry a healthy baby to term. Look at how you gaze at your mama while she gives you a kiss. Someday you'll understand just what a sacrifice that really was. I realize that currently numbers don't mean a hill of beans to your cute little toddler brain.

For while I wasn't sure that you were going to actually make it to see your second birthday. We had some pretty hairy weeks there where you screamed "no", ran into the street, threw temper tantrums at the drop of a hat, did mean things to your sister and generally tested the theoretical unconditional love I have for you.

I'm glad to say that we have learned how things work around here. You tell me what you want and I usually end up getting it for you. I'm sure you will find that this arrangement will work in your favor for many years to come. My only hope is that you too will have a Scorpio baby of your own someday. It really only seems fair.

All my love-