Friday, December 16, 2005

Bringing it back to it's roots

I've decided that this blog will return to its original roots full-time with once weekly updates. It's just too much with two ankle biters running around who don't understand the meaning of "Mommy Time" to get posts done more frequently.

As such, here's the week that was!

Miss Peanut on one of our Mommy and Me mornings when The Duckling is at the sitter's house. Notably you'll see drool hanging off her chin. Always the drool, never the teeth. Oh well, I figure that along with feeding her bottles in the middle of the night while she's at college I can go ahead and mash her food up for her too.

Just looking at this picture you might think that this is sisterly love on the behalf of The Duckling. I assure you that the second after I snapped this shot she rolled over on top of Peanut. End of tender moment.
Along with the crawling Peanut has turned into a Destructo Baby. If it's in her path it's fair game. Here you see cups, blocks, letters (two sets) and 26 zoo animals that felt her wrath.

What would appear to be another sweet sister picture is actually The Duckling sitting down right next to Peanut as I was trying to get a picture of her crawling for her scrapbook. Yes, she who hates to get her picture taken cannot stand it if Peanut's getting hers taken. Must. Be. In. On. The. Action.

And the piece de resistance...The Duckling wearing my newly acquired Cheesehead hat. Go ahead and drool, you know you want one!