Thursday, December 08, 2005

Weekly Update...

When I first started this blog I only updated it once a week. It was a jam packed entry with our doings for the week. In a nostalgic remembrance, I will do the same this week.

Monday started off like it was the middle of the week. The weekend was rough as The Duckling recently realized that Peanut is now able to crawl and get into her stuff. This made for a very jealous and naughty two-year old. She spent the morning at the sitter's and as soon as she returned home she chucked one of Peanut's balls across the room. Not typical Duckling behavior.

Tuesday was a long day. I think. I'm guessing it was because we were stuck inside all day. Snow and cold, you know. You'll notice that The Duckling has appropriately dressed Phoebe (her doll) for the cold snap with a hat and blanket. Although with the super cold (17 degrees-ish daily) we're having now I'm thinking she might want to toss an electric blanket in the carseat too.

Wednesday The Duckling went to the sitter's again and Peanut went in for Flu Shot #2. She did great and smiled at me the whole time until it was over. The nurse was quick with the shot and was done before the pain registered in Peanut's head. You'll see Peanut here (in a photo from a few days ago) with her favorite toy. A stick that holds the canvas bins on the playshelf. Give 'em toys, give 'em toys, give 'em toys and they want to play with sticks. And empty toilet paper rolls. And DVD cases.

(P.S. that IS her smile...just wait until you see the family Christmas picture we're sending out this year)

There was a distinct lack of napping this week on non-sitter days. Meaning, she wears herself out when she can get out of the house (LOVED the park this summer for that, not her). I'm smart. I decided to take the girls to a local gym for free-time today. Let me tell you that it was the BEST FREAKIN' $4 I've ever spent. She slept for a solid two hours today.

We're hosting playgroup tomorrow, so I'm on my way downstairs to put away all the toys that may potentially start a temper-tantrum if they had to be shared. I'm guessing the Play Room will be pretty empty by the time I'm done.

Happy Weekend all!!