Friday, November 02, 2007

Fall Update...


Where did those last few months go? Sometimes I see people coming to my tutu site from here and think, holy crap, are people still stopping by here? And how bad do I suck that I can't even get a monthly update on here?

Well...don't answer that. I gots lots of stuffs going on around here...and I'm always behind no matter how hard I try to get caught up. I need a maid...and a nanny...and a chef...and then I might be able to get more important things like blogging and tutu fabricating taken care of.

Enough's what you really came for...the pictures of those darling, darling girls!!!

The Duckling started preschool back in September! Since her birthday is past the school deadline she's one of the older kids in her class and has been ready to start school for some time. You can see Peanut's enthusiasm for her sister's first day of school shining through here:

October was Fire Safety Month and as such our local fire department hosted their annual pancake breakfast. It's always nice when they let the nice hot firemen out to play. They even let us climb up in the trucks and make vroooom-vroooom sounds!

Then last weekend we went with G&G S to Mineral Point to check out the sights. While we were there Peanut displayed the most disgusting eating show since her uncle's wedding a year and a half ago... I can't post the rest of the pictures now ('cause Blogger is having ummm, issues...) but let's just say that you've never seen disgusting until you've seen Peanut the Hut eat grilled cheese, grapes, melon, fries, and a zillion other things one after another after another. In the shot above she had just methodically emptied the fruit pieces on at a time out of the cup and onto her plate and then decided to suck the fruit juice out of the bottom of the cup.

Very ladylike.

I have no idea where she gets this from.

Finally we have our Imported Leaf Pile. These are foreign leaves that were imported all the way from Iowa just so our kids could have the experience of jumping in a leaf pile...since we have like three trees in our entire neighborhood and there are virtually no leaves...

Alright...that's it. I've held Peanut at bay with cheese, crackers and PBS for as long as possible. She's now molesting the Halloween candy and I'm afraid for its safety.

Take care, be good and I'll be bahhhhhk!

Mama Duck