Saturday, November 04, 2006

What we've been up to: October

Alright ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is a photo album that looks like it has been organized by the Duckling who has no concept of a chronological order. Therefore it's kinda like a box of chocolates in this post.

Chronologically speaking this first picture actually makes sense. Here are the Duckling and Papa Duck carving a pumpkin. This was about three weeks before Halloween so by the time the big night of Candy rolled around this guy was looking pretty dehydrated, moldy and down-right geriatric. Just wait until you see what Mama Duck and the Duckling made for this Grumpy Old Gourd to sit next to!!

Ah yes, the infamous red-light Chinatown district shot. Aunt R brought these gorgeous dresses for the girls from her recent trip to China. I had them all politically correctly dressed in their garb with chopsticks (stolen from Happy Garden) in their hair. Five minutes alon in her costume and Peanut was trying to pick up the attention of her little boyfriend who was dressed like a Pooh Bear (and none to happy about it either, I might add). This is at the sitter's house.
The Duckling returns from her night of Trick or Treating. Cold. It was damn cold. Hence the winter jacket (and two other layers which you can't see) jammed under the beautiful and dainty dress. Didn't matter to her...candy, candy, candy warms one's soul.
Meanwhile, back at the sitter''s Peatnut showing us her loverly hair whilst nibbling on something and, byt the looks of it, begging the sitter for her Pootie.

Mama and Peanut on a lazy stay-at-home, weekend day. What you missed was the ten minutes before this where I was chasing her with a tiara with which she would have nothing to do. In the end I got her to hold the magic wand...and this is when I decided the whole fairy princess costume thing wasn't going to pan fairy princess.

Back at the ranch on Candy Night...the Duckling shows her enthusiasm for the upcoming race for sugary sweets.

Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy out of we are pickng pumpkins...are you beginning to understand why there aren't more family photos of us together? Anyway, it was this day that I unwillingly surrendered to the fact that my flip-flop wearing days were over for the fall. Shortly thereafter I was treated at the local emergency room for frostbite.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh my piece de resistance...Ernesto. So inspired was I by the original internet puking pumpkin that I created my own masterpiece. The Duckling "helped" me by taking off and putting on the lid while I was trying to clear his chest cavity. He was sporting a radish nose and some fabulously slimy barf. This little boy came up to our porch about five minutes after I put Ernesto out and was studying him. I WISH I had filmed it because it was PRICELESS. He looked all around him, wanted to touch the barfies and just kind of skeptically slinked down the driveway. You know when you confuse a six year old boy by something disgusting you've done good.

And there you have it. Our Candy Day...Candy Month re-cap. Now please excuse me while I help to save the Duckling from cavities, tummyaches and early on-set childhood obesity by saving her from the Halloween chocolates that are taunting her.

mama duck