Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Testing, testing...(thump, thump) is this thing on?"

Well it turns out that like any other red-blooded American Mommy I just couldn't go any longer without showing my virtual wallet of pictures. I have no idea what actually possessed me to do this, but here goes.

Here we have The Duckling reading to Phoebe and Sophia. It's a really long book with lots of hard words, even I don't read this one to my kids. I prefer to stick to "The Foot Book" and "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" (which has really funny pictures). And here's Memorial Day weekend when I played Single Mom. A game which, come to find out, I am just not meant to play. I don't know how all you single moms out there do it. Really, there ought to be a holiday for you guys.
"Gawd! The pressure! I just cannot deal," screeches Peanut as she shuts out the rest of the crazy world.
"Whew, all better. I'm good now. Where are the Goldfish?" she says after a few moments in her Zen place.
Last but not least you will see that we have made NO progress from the really-cheesy-posed-two-year-old-smile that we have been seeing since last December. Any day now the kids' modeling agencies are going to be busting my door down to sign her on. I just know it.
Alright move it along, folks. Nothing more to see here.

mama duck