Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Time Warp: Getting Ready for Christmas!

(so yeah..I'm a wee bit's what we were up to BEFORE the chaos of Christmas hit)

Peanut is a Pootie Addict just like her sister. I'm working on not letting her have it when she's awake, but sometimes when you're having a craving you just need a fix no matter what. Here's her latest creative solution.

A puzzle piece with a wooden knobie on it. Works for her. As a matter of fact sometimes The Duckling will go ahead and just pop it into Peanut's mouth is she's looking a little wild-eyed.

Now, what is Christmas without Christmas cookies? The Duckling and I were hard at work in the kitchen getting down to business with the decorating!

As perviously mentioned this was a COMPLETELY sterile and sanitary environment. If you were lucky enough to receive any homemade cookies you can be totally assued that absolutely NO finger licking occurred during this procedure. (wink, wink)

And finally, our now famous Christmas photo...

I decided (given the horrific adventures we've had in the past at JcPenney's Portrait Studio) that taking a nice, sweet family picture was pretty much a pipe dream. Here's what we came up with instead, a self-portrait in front of the Chrismas tree. I'm thinking of making this a family tradition to save on my sanity.

mama, who promises photos of the actual holiday before Christmas 2006