Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Week that Was

The dog ate my homework and that's why I'm late.

For those of you who don't have kids yet (and I'm partially talking to you Uncle B and Future-Aunt R...) here's some advice. You can buy 'em toys, buy 'em toys, buy 'em toys...

...but they'll still get the greatest pleasure out of playing with your tampons and pads. I'm just saying. Peanut occupied herself for 20 minutes, which I do believe is a record for the attention span of a nine month old, playing with these yesterday morning. She started out playing with them under the toilet in the bathroom and when she was undeterred by my removing her numerous times from the situation I gave up and brought them out into the bedroom.

Here's The Duckling who decided to take her arm out of her shirt at lunch. Why? Because she's two. She couldn't get it back in the arm hole, but managed to get it through the neck. As I ran to get the camera I heard, "Naked Peanut! Naked Peanut! Naked Peanut! Naked Peanut!" as she tried to show her sister just how much of an exhibitionist she really is.
And here we are getting ready for bed on Friday night. Peanut in her jammies and mama in her rollers...don't make fun, you know you want some too.
And papa and The Duckling who, as always, is complying with the request for a "smile."

Happy weekend and we hope your week was as enjoyable and full of fun as ours.