Monday, January 23, 2006

Well, it just wouldn't be like me if it were on time two weeks in a row, now would it?

Here's what we've been up to...last week. Punctuality, my friends, punctuality.

I have no idea what order these actually go in, so let's just pretend like I've got them in proper chronological order, mmmmkay?

We braved the cold to enjoy the park for 10 minutes one morning to ensure that The Duckling would take her entire two hour nap. It worked. Amazing what a little fresh air and slide can do.

Always the fashion-plate. She's wearing my high-heeled black boots, white beach hat and carrying a bucket of zoo animals. And doesn't she just look like she belongs in the latest issue of People or what?
Always the helpers my kids's Peanut assisting with the whites on Laundry Day, which, as if you have to ask, is every day around here.

Mommy and The Duckling playing in the mirror. This is our "sexy" face in case you were wondering.

Peanut wonders what she's done to get a kiss from such a hot mama. Alright, agreed, it's getting a little deep in here, but work with me people.

And finally we have yet another reminder of why the grandparents don't ask for pictures of the girls together.

Cheeahs and happy Monday...nearly Tuesday...