Sunday, January 08, 2006

Last Friday's Update

Well, I pretty much almost lost my mind last week. It's been so cold and cloudy and icky we hadn't been outside in almost a month. Sure we walked to and from the car for car rides but that's been about it in terms of our outside adventures. Bundling my two kids is like trying to dress a litter of squirming puppies. Seeing as dressing in this case requires more than sandals that takes a long time. Coats, boots, hats, mittens...You can almost be assured that during that dressing time one or both of them will poop and the other one will break something.

That's how desparate I was to get out of the house.

Here's a little self-portrait before we got going. You'll notice that The Duckling is giving her best smile and I have absolutely no make-up on. Did I mention I was desparate to get out?
Here's The Duckling running on the sidewalk. Well, running as much as you can in huge purple moon boots.

Finally you have Peanut and me. She looks thrilled to be outside, doesn't she?
There's proof that I actually take my kids out in the winter to do fun things. Sure we didn't build a snowman, but you'll notice there's not much snow around right now to do that so walking to the end of the block, waving to the park and walking back is as about as fun as it gets.