Friday, October 13, 2006


I have no idea where I'm getting this sudden burst of motivation and energy to update again. Perhaps it's because my energy and time isn't being wasted thinking of really horrible things that I hoped would happen to the new, personal house that our builder is in the process of building. May he have wrong windows installed. May his GC work off an unapproved blueprint. May his house be painted the wrong color. I only wish for him the things we were blessed enough to deal with in our process of building.

Enough of being nasty....for now.

Here's Peanut out in our front yard participating in her first Wet T-Shirt Contest. She does me proud.
Last time we were in IL The Duckling was introduced to scissors and the fabulous things that can do with paper. So fabulous indeed that she decided to go ahead and have a go at what they could do with her hair.
We took a day-trip 35 minutes north of here. I think. I don't know. I'm a terrible navigator. But anyway we stopped and had lunch at this cute little deli that is actually owned by Culver's but has no greasy Butterburgers to offer. It was a refreshing menu and a quaint little place with real dishes and silverware. I'm proud to say that my girls didn't break any dishes but the guy at the table behind us dropped his entire tray on the ceramic tile. They just don't make those plates the way they used to, you know.
Here's The Duckling at Pootie's Going Away Fiesta. I stuck Pootie in the chocolate frosting so that she could have one last sweet suck on the ole girl before she was taken away by the Pootie Fairy. Good times, my friends, good times. That was like two weeks ago and she still asks every night and nap for her Pootie. Somehow I think the permanence of Pootie's leave hasn't registered with her yet.
We took a day this week to go back to our old 'hood. The trees there are old and established, wait, that's not PC. They are seasoned trees that qualify for the AARP and Denny's senior discounts on Tuesdays. Where was I? The big trees, fall is always really pretty there. You can see The Duckling was in hog heaven being back on her old stomping ground.
Finally we have Tiny sitting in a toy bin. She's such a little bean... look at her...
Well, someone I know is awake from her nap and coveting my Halloween candy. She's currently begging for M&Ms for her healthy afternoon snack. She's totally my daughter.