Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Happenings from the Land of Snow and Cheese

Dang y'all...two months in a row. I must have a lot of extra time on my hands...or my kids are being vastly neglected. Shhhhh, don't tell DCFS...

Kicking off the month was a few pancake breakfasts in the area. We're always up for other people cooking and heck, it's a great way to give back to the community as most pancake breakfasts are for charitable and non-profit organizations.

After the girls told me ALL YEAR LONG about how they were going to sit on Santa's lap this Christmas they both chickened out. This was a pancake breakfast at our local high school for one of their internal clubs. It took quite a bit of coaxing and finally The Duckling climbed up there and Peanut was willing to put up with standing by him:

And then, if ya haven't heard it already, Peanut asked Santa a very interesting question. She looked at him very seriously and said, "Where are your donkeys?"

Uh yeah, that would be 'reindeer' honey. I like to blame it on the fact that we had recently watched 'Shrek the Halls' and that she got Donkey from Shrek mixed up with the reindeer. The bottom line is that I probably shelter my kids a wee bit too much.

Anyway, this month the girls have been very busy primping for the holiday season. Peanut got three inches cut off of her locks and can't tell one bit other than it's straight in the back now. I had to bribe her to get up in the seat with a Dum-Dum...gotta love them Dum-Dums.

Here's the 'After' picture...but like I's not as if you can really tell...

Now this little girl on the other hand...
I determined early on that I never wanted my girls to have short, short hair (I had an experience when I was really little...I don't know where I went or how she butchered it so damn bad but I looked like a boy...whose hair got caught in a combine or wasn't pretty). Anywho, it was apparent that The Duckling's hair, while long and girlie, was getting a wee bit on the "street urchin" side of the fashion. Thus, we got her hair all did AND she was able to help out Locks of Love. I'm very proud of her for donating her hair and cripes, would ya just look at how cute she turned out?!!??!

Alright...and for those of you wondering why you don't ever get pictures of the girls's a few examples of why I simply don't see how gaining the amount of gray hairs that I would from attempting to make them behave simultaneously in a photo is worth it...

Screw it, I say.

For those of you who know know I have tree issues. I can't stand clutter and crap on a Christmas Tree. Primarily I'm talking about the main tree that everyone who visits our house sees immediately. Therefore, the girls got their very own Charlie Brown Christmas Tree this year. It's about as homely as they come but the girls LOVE it and got to decorate it all by themselves. The three pictures above are taken in front of their tree right after they got done decorating it.

A friend of mine decided that it would be a great idea to stand in line at our local mall to get our pictures taken with The World's Largest and Scariest Dora the Explorer. My kids were thrilled by this as you can see in the picture...

Peanut is practically CLAWING at me to get her away from Scary Dora.

And finally...let's see if you can guess who lurves her some candy canes?

Any guesses?

Happy holidays to everyone...and best of everything in 2008!

mama duck