Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Summer that Was 2006

Some people have been asking whether or not I was going to update Texas Ducks anymore. Generally speaking I've put this blog "to bed" since most of you who want to see the girls get to see them more frequently now that we aren't tax-paying Texas Ducks anymore.

However since I've been asked with big, puppy-dog eyes and a little arm twisting...here it is...what we've been up to for the entire summer in one post. One loooooong post. Grab some coffee (or beer) depending on the time of day. You'll be here awhile.

No seriously. You asked, I will now proceed to share every last photo that was taken this summer because the girls are so dang adorable I just can't pick the good ones...they're all good.

Of course the big event this summer was Uncle B2 getting married. The Duckling was asked to be the flower girl which was a huge deal and meant she got to wear a beautiful dress and get all dolled up. The problem was that she wasn't so thrilled about getting into the dress...no problem, nothing Dum-Dum bribe can't be used to fix.

Peanut finally decided that she LOVED the beach about a week before we moved...away from the beach. Up until this point she used to just cry and whine about the sand and rub sunscreen in her eyes.

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Here we are getting ready for the annual parade in our old neighborhood. Notably the Duckling is wearing the EXACT same outfit she wore last year for the parade. We've decided that feeding two kids, like, costs a lot and stuff so we've cut their portions in half, hence the lack of physical growth.

An actual smile (read: not the Cheesy Two Year Old Smile we've all grown accustom to)...
Peanut enjoying some "yoja" (translation: yogurt). her favorite game in the world is to walk around saying, "Mek, mek, mek, mek..." (translation: milk) until some poor sap falls for it and goes to the fridge to get her the milk. As soon as the door opens she changes her song to, "Yoja, yoja, yoja..." in hopes of getting her hands on a Dora yogurt.
Dude, I don't make the kids do these things...they just do them. Here's the Duckling with the Dora potty seat on her head. Not to worry, it's not like either of my kids have actually PEED in it or anything, it's really around more for looks. And apparently as a fashion accessory. This is also my subtle way of saying that potty training here is non-existent so don't even ask.

And finally...yet another reminder why all requests for pictures of the girls to be in one photograph together should cease immediately and never be asked for again...

(you'll also notice that Peanut has about a three inch ring around her neck of drool from teething...this has been a consistent accessory with her this summer)

Mama Duck