Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Week that Was

The dog ate my homework and that's why I'm late.

For those of you who don't have kids yet (and I'm partially talking to you Uncle B and Future-Aunt R...) here's some advice. You can buy 'em toys, buy 'em toys, buy 'em toys...

...but they'll still get the greatest pleasure out of playing with your tampons and pads. I'm just saying. Peanut occupied herself for 20 minutes, which I do believe is a record for the attention span of a nine month old, playing with these yesterday morning. She started out playing with them under the toilet in the bathroom and when she was undeterred by my removing her numerous times from the situation I gave up and brought them out into the bedroom.

Here's The Duckling who decided to take her arm out of her shirt at lunch. Why? Because she's two. She couldn't get it back in the arm hole, but managed to get it through the neck. As I ran to get the camera I heard, "Naked Peanut! Naked Peanut! Naked Peanut! Naked Peanut!" as she tried to show her sister just how much of an exhibitionist she really is.
And here we are getting ready for bed on Friday night. Peanut in her jammies and mama in her rollers...don't make fun, you know you want some too.
And papa and The Duckling who, as always, is complying with the request for a "smile."

Happy weekend and we hope your week was as enjoyable and full of fun as ours.


Monday, January 23, 2006

Well, it just wouldn't be like me if it were on time two weeks in a row, now would it?

Here's what we've been up to...last week. Punctuality, my friends, punctuality.

I have no idea what order these actually go in, so let's just pretend like I've got them in proper chronological order, mmmmkay?

We braved the cold to enjoy the park for 10 minutes one morning to ensure that The Duckling would take her entire two hour nap. It worked. Amazing what a little fresh air and slide can do.

Always the fashion-plate. She's wearing my high-heeled black boots, white beach hat and carrying a bucket of zoo animals. And doesn't she just look like she belongs in the latest issue of People or what?
Always the helpers my kids's Peanut assisting with the whites on Laundry Day, which, as if you have to ask, is every day around here.

Mommy and The Duckling playing in the mirror. This is our "sexy" face in case you were wondering.

Peanut wonders what she's done to get a kiss from such a hot mama. Alright, agreed, it's getting a little deep in here, but work with me people.

And finally we have yet another reminder of why the grandparents don't ask for pictures of the girls together.

Cheeahs and happy Monday...nearly Tuesday...


Friday, January 13, 2006

Weekly Update

First let me start by saying you are WAY too kind about the no make-up thing in the previous post. I'll take what I can get though, thanks! :)

Now, onto this week on film. We actually got a few hours the last two days when that big glowing orb thing came out in the sky. It was kind of blinding as we've all been living like moles in the cloudy gloom for the last two weeks, but I'll take the sunshine any way I can get it.

Here are The Duckling and Peanut enjoying a few minutes at the park. All went well until the major meltdown upon leaving time. I hate that the park is in the backyard of the fire station. I'm sure one of these days they're going to think I'm abducting some random kid. It's embarrassing really.

You can see that Peanut was having a difficult time deciding which pootie she wanted. Typically each morning when I wake up her she rotates all three pooties in her mouth before I get her out of the crib. It's sort of the OCD thing she has to see which one tastes the best.

Here you have The Duckling applying "lotion" to her nose. And by "lotion" I do mean yogurt.

Here is Day #2 of the sunshine. Kind of cruel that I took the picture with the sun shining in their face, but it's kind of proof that the sun was actually out, ya know?

Happy Friday the 13th!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Last Friday's Update

Well, I pretty much almost lost my mind last week. It's been so cold and cloudy and icky we hadn't been outside in almost a month. Sure we walked to and from the car for car rides but that's been about it in terms of our outside adventures. Bundling my two kids is like trying to dress a litter of squirming puppies. Seeing as dressing in this case requires more than sandals that takes a long time. Coats, boots, hats, mittens...You can almost be assured that during that dressing time one or both of them will poop and the other one will break something.

That's how desparate I was to get out of the house.

Here's a little self-portrait before we got going. You'll notice that The Duckling is giving her best smile and I have absolutely no make-up on. Did I mention I was desparate to get out?
Here's The Duckling running on the sidewalk. Well, running as much as you can in huge purple moon boots.

Finally you have Peanut and me. She looks thrilled to be outside, doesn't she?
There's proof that I actually take my kids out in the winter to do fun things. Sure we didn't build a snowman, but you'll notice there's not much snow around right now to do that so walking to the end of the block, waving to the park and walking back is as about as fun as it gets.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I made it with 11.5 months to spare!!!

As promised I am getting the Christmas pictures up before Christmas 2006, therefore I am not late, I have met or exceeded my goal.

The Duckling's sitter had an open house for all of her little monsters before Christmas. Now if I were her, I would think that on a Saturday night after being cooped up in a house ALL WEEK with kids ranging in age from a fwe months to 6-7 years old I would want to go out and get liquored. Not her, she just begs for more.

Here's The Duckling before the party. A casual observer would think that she is angry and trying to choke her doll. A more informed insider would be able to tell you that she is actually smiling and holding her favorite doll, Phoebe, for the picture.
Here's a candid and slightly better smiling picture.

Peanut enjoyed her first Christmas. Mostly she was interested in the paper and plastic wrpping on the gifts. In retrospect we all should have saved our money and just gien her some circular ads from the Sunday paper and Saran Wrap to play with. Hindsight 20/20, yadda, yadda, yadda.

In an attempt to not make Peanut hate me for the rest of my life, I went ahead and chopped off her mullet last week. Cute as the long hair was, it was, in reality...just a mullet. I, of course, saved the hair for her scrapbook. In all about two inches were cut off.
Finally, some sisterly love. The Duckling and Peanut enjoy playing with the Little People park and Zoo...together...sharing...nice, isn't it? Don't you wish your kids got along as famously as mine do?

Alright, alright...they're not ALWAYS this perfect, but admittedly (knock on wood) The Duckling is a pretty good and sharing big sister.