Sunday, November 28, 2004

Martha's in jail, so....

Well, since Martha's in jail I thought it would be best to use this time to my advantage and start taking over the world!!! Ha ha...

I'm sewing Grace a new bed set so that she can pass on the gender-neutral-green-gingham to Peanut when he is born. I couldn't justify spending a couple hundred dollars on bedding which frankly didn't blow me away, so I am making my own. I did some research and decided to create a crib bumper using four separate panels instead of one long one so that I can continue to use the bumpers for decoration once the crib is converted to a toddler bed.

As you can see below the fabrics are ultra-feminine, just like my little Grace! :) I've only gotten one panel of the bumper done, but thought I'd post it up here now (b/c I lack patience and need positive feedback...hee hee!). I'm now actually done with both end panels, but need to head back to the store for more fabric (how does that saying go? measure once, cut once, swear and go back to the fabric store?!?!!??!?).

Cheers and love-

I've only got one panel on the crib, but you can kind of see how it will look when it's done. The pink "biter bumper" (on the top) and the skirt are made from a tiny pink gingham and the bumper itself is a black and white toile pattern. The ties on the bumper are also a tiny gingham, but black and white to accent the toile fabric. Posted by Hello

Here's a shot of the crib skirt (in tiny pink gingham) and the toile bumper. Posted by Hello

Friday, November 26, 2004

Turkey Day 2004

This Thanksgiving was a million times better than last year's. Grace was about a week old and hungry all....the...time...

Let's take a little trip back in time to Turkey Day 2003...
We cooked a turkey, made mashed potatoes and some other random things that a very demanding one-week-old-Grace would allow us to. Brandon did a lot of cooking since I pretty much had Grace attached to me the whole time. When we finally sat down to eat the turkey was still cold in the middle and Grace started screaming for food...for about the millionth time that day. I was sad, sad, sad...and hungry.

Fast forward to this year...
Fabulous time! We went to Bill and Melissa's so we didn't have to cook. I made a cheeseball and dessert, but that was it. We show up, Grace and Will play nicely...mostly, and we eat. When they got a little out of control, in went the Baby Einstein and instant calmness. We all ate a delicious hot meal (thanks Melissa's Mom!!!!) and there was no anyone. Wonderful.

Hope everyone's day was as fabulous as ours!
Cheers and love-

Baby Einstein had to be called out due to some rather rambuctious (sp?) one year-olds...Do we have a blossoming romance here?!?!? Posted by Hello

A tender moment between the young love-birds... Posted by Hello

Sharing Cheerios with Daddy...'Tis the season for giving, you know! Posted by Hello

It's not the best shot of The Grimmace, but you get the idea. This is Grace's new face whenever she wants something and we tell her "no." She's one now by the way, did I mention that? It's hard to be one. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Anticipaaaaaaation is making me wait...

My computer has been REALLLLLY show this morning. Must sense there's a holiday coming up.

Early this morning we all trekked downtown for our big ultrasound! It was quick, but everything looks great. Peanut is 12 ounces and his FHR was 136 (the lowest it's been so far for those of you charting it...ha ha!). I posted some pictures of him below, but they're a bit hard to see. Once I regain my composure from dealing with the imaging/mark-ups from the first go-round I may give it another shot and try to re-post some better ones. Basically it's a really cute little profile of his head and then his head and chest.

Grace was pretty sweet last night. She was walking around with Hannah, a doll she got from Aunt Boo and Co. for her birthday, and patting her back. Then she tried to put her in the highchair and as you'll see in one picture...I think she might be checking for poopies! I lift Grace up in the air and smell her butt (gross, I know, but it's a necessity if you don't hear the noises or see "The Face"!), so maybe she was imitating?

Tomorrow is Turkey Day and we'll go over to Bill and Melissa's for the feast. It should be interesting with two one-year olds running around, thankfully Melissa's mom is in town for back-up. We, The Adults, officially outnumber the kids 2 1/2: 1.

BTW, feel free to vote for Peanut's sex if you haven't already! I'm having fun checking the results... :)

Cheers, love and have a lovely holiday!

The latest pictures of Peanut! Posted by Hello

These are a bit dark, but it was so precious! Grace was carrying around her "baby" and hugging her. In this one I think we're checking for a poopie diaper... Posted by Hello

Time for eating little baby! Posted by Hello

The reason we bought the house...the awesome rock wall (with the wrap-around bench)...which isn't nearly as magnificent with the baby gate in front of it. Posted by Hello

Here's a picture of the living room in it's finished state! If I do say so myself, I love that blue! And look, all the toys are put away! :) Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Make Yourself at Home...

I'm so excited that we've gotten our first few Comments! Thanks Aunt Beth!

Everyone else...feel free to comment on posts of pictures as you would like. It makes it more interactive and is fun for us to read who's been on and what yer thinkin'!

Cheers and commnet away!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Peanut Update

HEY YOU- Look over to the right side of your can now vote as to whether Peanut is a boy or a girl...go ahead, do'll be fun and all the cool kids are doing it!
We've had lots and lots of Grace updates, but not too much word on Peanut as of late, so this post is pretty much dedicated to him (NOTE: I'm simply using the masculine pronouns as a generic but consistent way of referring to Baby #2, this in no way, shape or form indicates that I know about his gender one way or another).

I'm now 20 weeks pregnant and starting to show a little bit. I'm very excited to say that I'm not into maternity-wear yet. I'm hoping I can put that off a few more weeks until it gets nice and cold and I can hide him under a sweater. A grey one of course.

He's a mover and a shaker, I can feel a lot of rolling, kicking, and general shifting going on (even as we speak!). He's not nearly as demanding a fetus as his older sister was. With Grace I was up eating in the middle of the night...every night. With Peanut we've only had to get up a handful of times. I guess I should have known about Grace's Scorpio tendencies before she was even born! ;) Peanut does like Oreos (original, no "inside out", mint, or any other crazy variation that they now make) and milk every now and then though as a little bed-time snack.

We're going in for the big ultrasound on Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) and big sister Grace will be in attendance. We'll bring a tape to record the goings-on for anyone who cares to tear it apart looking for those "key signs" as to whether Peanut is a boy or a girl, but we won't be finding out for sure, so guess away! I'll post any pictures that we get and label them as needed. :)

Below is a fabulous shot of me in my 20 Week Pregnant End of the Day Glory. I'll bet Cindy Crawford never looked this hot when she was knocked up!!! Wooohooo!

Cheers and love to all-

Here I am at 20.5 weeks pregnant...not a whole lot there yet, but there's lotf of movement going on! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I'm one!!!!

Hello everyone!

Today is my birthday. I had my friends over to play and we had pizza and cake. It wasn't nearly as weird as the stuff that my Mommy and Daddy made me do the other night open boxes in pretty paper, blow out a candle we just lit and then play with this sticky stuff with my shirt off. I guess Mommy was afraid I'd make a mess with the white stuff, but the minute I got it on my fingers I wanted it off and to get out of my highchair!

Anyway, that's really all I have to say for now. I posted some pictures below. I hope you like them. Oh and Mommy said to feel free to post comments on anything you'd like. Just click the "0 comments" (or it might have a number in front of it!) underneath the item you want to comment on and you can post annonymously (whatever that means), just sign your name so we know who said how cute I was, or whatever!
Love to all-
Miss Grace

Hi, from the Alamo! This pictue is from this weekend while my Grandma and Grandpa Duck were here. But that's not my biggest news...I had a birthday today!!! Posted by Hello

I got to open some nifty boxes (which I didn't really get...I see this stuff in the stores all the time and it's not in boxes and paper...), like these beads,  Posted by Hello

...a cute doll named, Hannah, Posted by Hello

...and a Christmas dress! Posted by Hello

Here's Daddy and me with my cake, everyone sang a song to me and then we blew out the candle Mommy JUST lit. Weird, but true! Posted by Hello

Cake is ICKY!!!!! Make it stop!!! Posted by Hello

Friday, November 12, 2004

I'm almost least that's what Mommy keeps saying

This week was alright. It got a little colder here so we've been taking walks every day. We fed the chickens a few times, but since their hiding spaces were cleared away they aren't as brave as they used to be, so we don't see as many. There was a huge rooster that we fed the other day though, but I don't know where all of his friends were.

Daddy turned my car-seat around this week so now I can see Mommy and where we are going. It's a different perspective, but I like it. I think I'll be a good navigator when I get a little older.

I had school again this week and was really good. I didn't cry at all and showed Mommy all around when she picked me up. I did make my teachers give me Pootie though, but Mommy fixed that when she picked me up. She's smart that Mommy of mine!

Mommy had Aunt Rhonda over for dinner one night and I like her now. I used to scream and cry whenever she came over (but I don't remember why), but now she's fun! Oh, and she let me dump her whole glass of ice water on her lap and the floor, so that was a good time.

Alright, my Grandma and Grandpa Duck are coming tonight, so I have to go. I need to help clean and stuff before they get here. Also, Mommy keeps saying that I'm going to be "1" soon, whatever that means. I hope that it means we're getting a dog...
Love to all-
Miss Grace

I'm really good at helping Mommy fold the laundry. She's alright at it, but look at me! The Gap would hire me with these folding skills!!! Posted by Hello

This is my Daddy. He's pretty smart. I tried to eat his toes the other day and they didn't taste as nice as mine. Posted by Hello

This is my Pooh Bear and I love him. Posted by Hello

Mommy's trimming my bangs, but I don't think that Daddy trusts her to cut the back. He said to wait until Grandma got here this weekend. Posted by Hello

Here we are feeding Ghost and Joe. They are hungry as always. Mommy is feeding Ghost in this picture, but as always, Joe is trying to get a piece of the action. Posted by Hello

Ghost and Joe get their picture taken. Posted by Hello

Friday, November 05, 2004

My Kind of Town

So, I just flew in from Chicago and boy are my arms tired!

Seriously folks, I'm back. I went to Chicago to see my Grandmas and stuff last weekend. I had a lot of fun finding all of their "No-No's." I like to give people a challenge. Speaking of, you should have seen me on the plane. I was realllllly good...not! I had fun though with my cousin Aiden. He had some fun toys to play with. But the last night we were there he woke up crying so I just sat really still in case the monster or whatever scared him was after me too. Then I woke up Mommy and Daddy and we came home.

This week I learned how to clap. Whenever I hear the song "If You're Happy and You Know It" I just clap along. It's a great tune. I also am walking a lot now. It's still faster to crawl, but I can walk if I want to. I was really good at school this week and only cried a little bit. When Mommy came to get me I was crawling around and playing like a big girl.

Let's see, other than that, not much to report. Mommy said we have to go to her Dr. this afternoon to see my baby brother or sister so that should be fun (sigh). Maybe this will be the time that Mommy decides a dog would be a better choice. Keep your fingers crossed.

Oh, keep scrolling and there are some great new pictures of me!
Love and stuff-
Miss Grace

Mommy made the big mistake of talking to Daddy at dinner while the Cheerios container was unprotected...heee heee heee hee! Posted by Hello