Tuesday, October 26, 2004

This is Mommy and me. I pretty much picked her out. Daddy too. I think I did pretty good, they're nice and know a thing or two, too. Posted by Hello

Happy girls!!!! Look at me standing up, I can even walk by myself, but not too far. We went shoe shopping yesterday because now I'm a big girl. Posted by Hello

You'll notice that I'm wearing the same thing today as I was in the picures on Friday. Mommy's taking the easy route out in dressing me...one piece = easy!!! Posted by Hello

Here's the hat Mommy bought for me for our trip. I like it only when Mommy smiles at me and says how cute I am. Other than that I want to rip it off my head. Posted by Hello

The Countdown is On!

We are SOOOOO excited about coming up this weekend. It hardly seems fathomable that two weeks ago we were planning on waiting until January until we made it home. I check out Tom Skilling's predictions as to the weather daily. Looks like we're going to get the cooler weather we've been longing for! It's still in the upper 80s here with lots of humidity coming up from Mexico and the Gulf.

Anyway, I FINALLY felt Peanut move on Sunday morning which was a great relief to me. Since then he's been actively moving about in the evenings. I'm just about 17 weeks along, so in another three weeks we'll get to go in for the big ultrasound. Yes, the one where they COULD tell us what sex it is, but they're not going to!!!!!

Grace had her second day of school today which went much better. She only cried for 20 minutes (or so they told me) and after I dropped her off, I waited to break down until I got in the car. I only cried for about five minutes. We're both making good progress! :)

Only a few more days! I'll try to get some more pictures posted on here before we leave.
Cheers and love-

Friday, October 22, 2004

This is my new toy that I love. I don't think I can bring it home though because my suitcase is already full with my coat, costume, clothes, bottles, Cashew, etc.  Posted by Hello

I'm dialing up my Grandmas to tell them that we're coming up for a visit! Posted by Hello

Hello? It's me, Grace!!!! Posted by Hello

Here's my Halloween costume. I'm going to be a butterfly. We're coming to IL so you can all see me in it!!! Posted by Hello

My Week

So, here I am again. Wow, what a long week.

Let's start with Monday. We went to Target which is Mommy's favorite store ever. Period. She bought me some clothes because the weather is supposed to be getting colder. Sure, I'll believe that, it's only 90 degrees here everyday right now. Then Tuesday was the first day of school. I cried. A lot. I wasn't sure Mommy was coming back. I had Pootie with me, but she doesn't really know how to make a bottle or sing "The Wheels on the Bus" so I was pretty sure that I still needed Mommy to come back. She did. I just hope I don't have to go back again soon.

Wednesday Mommy was all snotty so we went to her doctor. I spent a lot of time smiling at the receptionists who said I was cute. After that I tested the laws of gravity by dropping everything (sippy cup, toys, books, Altoids tin) out of my stroller. Mommy said she was glad to leave and go home. Me too. We stopped on the way home to buy a big, fluffy coat. I'm not sure when it will ever get cold enough for me to wear it, but I like new clothes, so I didn't complain. That afternoon Mommy tricked me into getting a Flu shot. I was a big girl though and only cried for a second. Not like the little baby we saw on the way out. He lost it pretty much.

Thursday I got a new toy. It's a very cool activity table, but I didn't want to leave it at mealtimes, so I pretty much just threw a fit (and my turkey) and then Mommy gave up trying to feed me. I soooo know how to play her. That night I had a babysitter and I played her too! :) When Mommy and Daddy came home I was still up and didn't eat any of my bottle...once Mommy got me to sleep though, I slept through until this morning.

Today we went to Gymboree. It was fun. My friend Sophie was there. She's getting a brother in March. I'm still hoping my Mommy decides to return our baby for a dog like Apollo. I love him.

That's it.
Miss Grace

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Grace's First Day of School

Hi all!

Just thought I'd post a quickie to let you know that we survived Grace's first day of school with minimal trauma. When I dropped her off I started crying first, then she started. You would have thought the people were tearing us apart during WWII to go off to separate concentration camps or something. Between a hormonal pregnant chick and an 11 month old with separation anxiety it was pretty bad.

I had a previously scheduled hair appointment which I had debated on canceling, but didn't. As it turns out, they called me at 11 AM to let me know that Grace had been crying since I left her at 9 AM. I knew this was probably going to happen, but her father I think was a little unnerved. He claims it was because I didn't hear the cell phone go off when the school called me, so they had to call him and he was worried, but I know the truth. :) Daddy's Little Girl for sure! Anyway, she stopped crying about the time I called, so she toughed it out until I picked her up at 12:45. She was exhausted and her Pootie had had a severe workout, but she (Grace...and Pootie) was in one piece!

I guess the word will spread soon enough, but we'll be home on Oct. 29 for a long weekend. We'll be getting in late, but are looking forward to seeing everyone.
Cheers and love-

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Cheesin' for the camera! Posted by Hello

Chillin' at the zoo watching the turtles... Posted by Hello

I'm checking out the wallabies...very interesting! Posted by Hello

Old Navy Famous $5 T-Shirt! Happy Halloween everyone!!!!! Posted by Hello

Here I am trying on Daddy's hunting hat. It's very stylish, huh? Posted by Hello

School, zoo and stuff

Hi all!

I'm back and I have some stuff to say.

Mommy enrolled me in a school today and I will be going every Tuesday morning. I'm very excited because I'm going to learn things and meet new kids. I know Mommy will miss me helping at home, but I've got important things that I need to do too.

Today we went to the zoo with the kids from my new school. They invited us on their field-trip which was nice. It was cold here (in the 60s) so I bundled up. We took a train ride which was interesting...there weren't many animals, but the scenery was nice. Then we walked around and looked at all of the animals. We saw wallabies, special deer, Bengal Tigers, some really huge turtles (Mommy said she used to call me "turtle" when I was first born because when she put my caps on me I would stretch my neck out and my puffy cheeks made me look like a turtle...whatever...), monkeys, goats, chickens, and lots of other stuff. It was an interesting zoo.

I'm starting to walk which scares Mommy and Daddy. I'm careful though. I can take a few steps all by myself.

OK, that's it for now. I'm having a babysitter this weekend, so I'll try to be good.
Love to all-
Miss Grace

Saturday, October 09, 2004

This is me and Cashew (whom as you'll read below I will NOT be sharing with the new baby). I love him and he's my favorite bear. I've also got my Pootie in and the new baby can't have her either. Posted by Hello

Friday, October 08, 2004

Holy cow are you gonna wanna read what I have to say today...this is BIG!!!!!!! Posted by Hello

I'm back and you'll be glad I am!!!!!

So, WOW guess what I found out today??!?! Mommy and I went to her Dr. today and there was a heartbeat in Mommy’s tummy! Now Mommy has eaten A LOT of strange things lately, but this is too much I thought! She’s gone and swallowed a whole person! Where will the madness end?

Then Doctor kept talking about how Mommy was going to have a baby and stuff. Like I thought she might have been crazy. I started flapping around and talking to get her attention, “HELLO!!!! I’m here, she already HAS a baby!!!”

Then Mommy looked at me when we heard that heartbeat and said, “That’s your baby brother or sister, Grace.” WHAT?!?!?! Another one!?!? Now I’m gonna have to share my toys and stuff?!?! Well, I’m still taking this all in, but I can tell you now that I will NOT share Pootie, Melanie or Cashew with the baby. It will have to find its own. I’m not really sure about sharing my Mommy either.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted in case Mommy decides this isn’t a good idea and that she might return it for something useful like a dog or a go-cart.

Love to all-
Miss Grace

This is truly one of my favorite pictures of all time. I hope you'll enjoy it and use it as a desktop for October, it's fun and very mature. Cheers! Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 07, 2004


Just a quick update, my doctor has now cancelled two appointments this week. I'm waiting to get in so that we can hear the heartbeat before I send out the big announcement. Tomorrow is the reschedule day (knock on wood)...if the phone rings in the morning before the appointment I'm not answering it and we're just showing up. I'm quite sure they'll find the time to squeeze in a ranting pregnant woman with a screaming 11 month old baby! :)

Then as I've been sitting here typing, Grace is supposed to be taking a nap. I go in to check on her because I hear her babbling away...she is playing with something white in her crib. The only things she has in there are her brown teddy bear and her pink Pootie...it's her diaper. She had taken it off, and was waving it over her head. When she saw me she was totally shocked and knew she was doing something wrong. To make matters worse...she's now peed the brand new sheets I just put on yesterday morning.

I truly wish I could just relax with a beer tonight.
Cheers all!

Monday, October 04, 2004


hey all-

just a quickie today. you'll notice the lack of capital letters...grace pulled off the shift key this morning, so when daddy gets home he'll have to show me how to fix it.

i posted a few pictures...only one of grace, sorry...i'm so excited to have light in my kitchen again though that i had to shout it from the rooftops...

cheers all and miss grace will be back to updating later this week...

Just being cute as always! Posted by Hello

Grace's first artwork...I drew the heart, but she dropped the crayons on the paper...just picking them up and dropping them...but I think she shows artistic tendancies! Posted by Hello

Here's the kitchen as it looks upon completion (to my standards...B has these ideas about tiling the backsplash, etc.)...I'm just glad to have lights again! Posted by Hello