Friday, February 24, 2006

The Week that Was February 20th

I'm going to do it.

I'm actually going to update this site on time this week.

Last weekend Mama Duck traveled far, far away back to the very cool land of Texas. It was here that she met the handsome and charming Holden who will (fingers crossed) some day become Peanut's husband. If we can pull this off I can guarantee that Peanut will never have MIL issues. Ain't he cute?
Now, while I was in Texas, Holden's Mama (Peanut's future MIL) asked if The Duckling had problems with "plumber's crack" when she wore pants. I thought about it and said no. Well, I'm here to tell you that she wore pants four times this week and all four times she not only had plumber's crack, but her pants were down around her ankles. I think we need to beef her up a bit.

I don't believe that you can ever start your girls' good taste in jewelry too early. Here's Peanut's checking out the latest Tiffany's catalog.

This week I was working on my running bid for Mother of the Year Award. And let me tell you, I was working it hard. She who once proclaimed that "Snow can kill mommy..." actually bundled her two children up and took them out to play in the snow.

(notice how thrilled Peanut looks? What is it with those of us being BORN in the North being disenchanted with the snow while those Southern born (see below) LOVE it? Weird...)
Well folks, there it is. An update done...on time.
Have a lovely weekend and don't be expecting this kind of punctuality again anytime soon.
mama duck

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

And the hits just keep on comin'

I'm tardy in updating this and this post is pretty much going to be a sorry excuse for writing.

Both of the girls are sick, sick, sick again. The Duckling has two ear infections and Peanut has one ear infection and RSV. No fun at all.

Sometimes I'm afraid that people think that I have Munchausen by Proxy.

I wish.
A sick Duckling runs away at the sight of the camera. Obviously not feeling her most photo-worthy.
Mama and Peanut share a moment. Notice the fountain of snot running down her face? if snot were a hot commodity I'd be a rich mother.

mama, who hopes that by April we can all be healthy so we can go to the park, park, wanna go to the park?

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Week that Was January 30

Alright, in my defense I was uploading these pictures last night when I heard Papa Duck saying, "My wife..." to the flooring guys who were downstairs. It seemed like the kind of thing I needed to be present for to defend my character and remind him of decisions we'd already made. But for that this would have been done on Friday.

This week Peanut was battling Augmentin for her eye infection. This produced the first poonamis since the end of my tenure as The Human Milk Factory. Here you can see The Duckling exercising extreme caution in checking to see if there is indeed a poopy in there.

Last weekend we attended a birthday party with a safari theme. Each of the ankle-biters in attendance received a pair of binoculars as a party gift which was a great hit with The Duckling who could be heard all week saying, "Smile Mommy! Smile Peanut!" Binoculars, camera, whatever.
Nekkid Peanut. Lots of time being nekkid in between blow-outs and wardrobe changes.
When she wasn't pooping up a storm she was entertaining herself with her newest toy. Gone are the days of being obsessed with tampons and pads, oh for sure. Now we're loving on big sister's boot. Yes, as in footwear.
The best definitely had to be saved for last. Here's The Duckling who decided to dress herself...over her already existing clothing. First she pulled on her bathing suit over her pants and then decided she loved the layered look over her hoodie. She, of course, topped it all off with her signature smile. Does me proud I tell ya.
Anyway, there's the scoop. Sick, poop and stuck inside are the three things that pretty much sum up our week. We're hoping to get out for some walks next week when Peanut stops pooping (not permanently, just every hour or so) and mama feels better.